So you’re probably wondering, What’s a Qhamian?

A Qhamian* is someone who lives in the Qhami. The Qhami is a fictional galaxy where I’ve set the science fiction series I’m currently writing. I’ve spent so much time since 2009 creating the Qhami, its language, culture, and people, that you could say I’ve become a part-time resident. And since I’m the first one to claim residency I’m going so far as to call myself The Qhamian. (Very ambitious, I know.)

This blog, however, isn’t about my writing. (Not exclusively anyway.) It’s about my take on our galaxy. Sometimes my mental meanderings are born from what I’m writing. Sometimes they come from my work, my family, what I’m currently reading, or something I saw that day. Essentially I’m giving myself license to write about anything I want. I’m going to be jumping around a lot so buckle up.

Please keep in mind this is my take on things. I have biases. I have my own worldview. I try to keep it fairly open but I get stuck in my own thinking as much as the next person. To that end I’m going to share some background on me so you can know where I’m coming from and so you can (if you feel the need) account for my slant on things.

I’m a husband.

I’m a father.

I’m a Mormon. (FYI, the name of my denomination is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

I’m a school psychologist.

I’m a writer.

I’m a reader.

I’m a minimalist.

I’m an American. I’m almost always proud of that fact.

I’m a millennial. I’m occasionally proud of that fact.

I’m an omnivore. I also function as the household garbage disposal.

I’m left-handed.

I’m an Ultimate Frisbee player. I’m not very good at basketball.

I’m a political independent. In my eyes both major parties spend too much time honking the horn and not enough time hitting the brakes. (Or is it stepping on the gas? What’s the metaphor here?)

In addition to English I also am conversant in Spanish and Portuguese.

I’ve lived in seven states in the United States as well as Mexico, Portugal, and El Salvador.

Before going to graduate school I was a first-grade teacher.

I’m the youngest of my siblings.

I’m learning to meditate.

I’m an avid bike commuter.

According to the Meyers-Briggs personality test I’m an introvert. Someday I hope to have a small cabin out in the middle of nowhere.

I’m a type 4.

I’m an idealist.

I have a dream of starting an alternative school.

I love moose tracks and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

I want to learn to do a backflip.

*Qhamian is pronounced KHA-me-uhn. The KH sounds like you’re trying to hock up some phlegm. Gross, I know. But that’s the best way to describe it.